How Do I Make Homework Fun and Exciting?

We understand that getting your child to sit down and do their homework every night is a daunting task. Some of the parents and students reading this now would admit that they often end up quarreling before any of these tasks are handled, right?

In case you have been wondering how you can change this scenario and make take-home assignments more fun and exciting and without any “bad blood” between you and your kid, then you are in the right place. Here are the five main tips that you can employ in your technique tonight.

Tip 1: Find them their workspace – children love owning things, it gives then the feeling that they are in control. Instead of fighting all night, try finding some space in your house and give it solely for their studies and homework activities. They will be excited and you might even be shocked at how clean it will turn out to be after every homework. If you have found a good workspace if possible install a small work desk for them to work from and store all of their resources such as stationaries and books.

Tip 2: Offer them rewards – I know that some of you might feel a little skeptical about this but I would like to draw your attention to how rewards tend to keep us all motivated. Just as you might be putting in more working hours at work for that promotion, rewards also motivate kids to do their best to accomplish their tasks. Just remember not to overdo it. Just keep it simple and you will be amazed at the results. Start by offering them a movie night or something that they might be desiring to have.

Tip 3: Serve them with snacks – snacking during school hours is normally prohibited or impossible. To cheer them up and help your kid focus better, serve them with healthy snacks while they work on their homework. This helps to break the class monotony and make homework time more fun and exciting. However, be careful not to spoil their appetite for dinner as well as avoid giving them sugary snacks that might make them slack off. Try vegetables and fruits that will also boost their immunity and health in general.

Tip 4: Encourage them to go for breaks – children often have short concentration spans. This means that they cannot just sit around and work continuously on a large project for long hours without derailing their focus. Encourage your kids to go for short breaks like a 5-minute break after working for every 20 minutes. Engage them during these breaks with interesting short plays, aerobics, and/or bathroom breaks to keep them their minds refreshed and ready to tackle the next chunk of homework time.

Tip 5: Assist them – at one point or another, your kid is more likely to be stranded. At this point, frustration and stress might just start to kick in. if you notice that they need help, pay special attention to what they need and offer them constructive guidelines on how they can approach the problem themselves rather than doing their homework yourself. You can also try to find a homework assistance service and check some reviews at Rank My Service to avoid scammers and low-quality services.