Important Considerations before Abolishing After-Class Tasks

Whether homework should be banned or not has always been a contentious topic that has always raised several concerns. Today, may students and parents lament that teachers are issuing students with more homework than usual. Typically, most homework today takes an average of more than 2 hours rather than the recommended 30-minute assignment per night.

In this article, we provide you with an in-depth analysis and reasons to consider before judging whether to ban homework entirely or not. Besides, we also offer complete packages designed to offer students who are completely stranded with their homework.

Core reasons to abolish homework

Less free time – as the old saying goes, all work, and no play indeed makes Jack a dull boy. After sitting for close to 8 hours in school, it makes no sense to assign students with up to 2 hours of homework because it deprives them of their free time that they could have used to bond with their families, socializes with friends, and of course watch T.V.

Impacts student test results negatively – studies have proven that lengthy and very challenging take-home assignments tend to become a distraction and don’t allow students to concentrate on the important concepts hence making them fail.

Takes a toll on students’ health – one main overlooked area by most educators is the impact that homework has on the overall health of their students. Complicated assignments and bulky homework stress them out making their mental health vulnerable.

Other responsibilities – students who have an extra responsibility like a part-time job, often find it hard to keep up with additional takeaway assignments, as they are already burnt-out throughout the day.

Inadequate support system – the world becomes busier and busier every day. Since teachers often forget to explain how to tackle the assignments while at home, students become stranded while working on them, as there isn’t anyone qualified enough or with the time to assist them.

Core reasons not to abolish homework

Reduces screen time – a lot of screen time hurts eyesight and many students often spend a lot of their free time watching T.V. which makes them lazier. The recommended screen time for this young lot is a maximum of 3 hours per day and homework effectively minimizes screen time and fosters a culture of good study and life habits.

Sharpens time management skills – time management is a crucial skill almost for every professional field there is. By observing punctuality in finishing and submitting assignments, students get to hone on this important ability

Enhances critical thinking – most homework requires problem-solving and hence provides students with the chance of critically thinking of creative ways of finding solutions to their assignments.

Develops self-independence – homework enables students to explore their strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for growth. This way, they become more self-aware of themselves and able to work independently.

Juggling several tasks – working on a project enables students to learn how to multitask between different sets of tasks that might require research, writing, computing, among others

Well, there you have it. These are the main reasons to consider before concluding whether homework should be banned or not. In case you are caught in a difficult situation, just contact any of our homework experts for customized academic solutions.